Our Research Vision

Our vision is to implement a framework to define, build and manage research excellence, as well as share infrastructure and core resources to reduce redundancy; to establish a competitive research support fund as way to provide researchers with startup capital and strategic bridging funding; to establish and implement a faculty-wide research facilitation service to support grant applications; and to set a salary retention and support fund to attract high quality researchers.

5-Year Vision

  ☐  Pan-faculty research facilitation service to provide support to consortia research applications and partnerships.

  ☐  Competitive research support fund focused on funding start-up capital for proof-of-concept projects and strategic bridge financing.

  ☐  Pan-faculty framework to define research excellence, and build shared core research infrastructure and resources.

  ☐  Salary retention and support fund for high-calibre postdoctoral & junior researchers.

Goals to deliver in 2019

  ☐   Continued work on next Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Innovation Fund competition, identification and planning for other major grant opportunities.

  ☐   Interim research strategic plan for FoMD that is aligned with new U of A budget model.

  ☐   Ensure that all reviews of CRCs, endowed chairs and research awards managed by the Office of Research are completed fairly and transparently.