Dr. Banu Sis

Associate Professor

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Division of Anatomical Pathology
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About Me

Dr. Sis is an Associate Professor and Staff Pathologist in the Department of Laboratory of Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta. She is also running a research laboratory at the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation.

Dr. Sis studies inflammation and fibrosis of the kidney and liver.  She described endothelial gene expression profiles in kidney transplant biopsies from patients with antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR). By these molecular studies, she discovered a new type of rejection (C4d-negative ABMR) and uncovered that many patients with ABMR remain under-diagnosed and do not receive timely treatments. These  findings led to a major change in the international Banff  classification to include C4d-negative ABMR as a distinct diagnostic category. At present, her laboratory is working on two research themes; 1. Multicenter studies for developing a clinical molecular test for precision diagnosis of ABMR in standard-of-care paraffin-embedded biopsy tissues with an aim to improve accurate diagnosis and better guide rejection treatments (CIHR, UHF, CNTRP, KFOC-funded); 2. Describing a multigene signature for progressive liver fibrosis, which is shared by common chronic liver diseases in humans. The gene signature findings will provide new insights into chronic liver disease progression in humans and produce an early dynamic surrogate (biomarker test) for predicting advanced liver fibrosis (UHF, ROTRF-funded).

Dr. Sis received several awards for her research activities including the Canadian Association of Pathologists Junior Scientist Award and Gloria Gallo Award by the international Renal Pathology Society. She has served in specialty societies in the area of nephrology and organ transplantation such as a lead or co-lead of three Banff Working Groups. 


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Dr. Banu Sis
Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation
Office 3-126A
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E1, CANADA
Phone: 780-492 0674 or 780-407 8132
Email: bsis@ualberta.ca

Research Keywords

antibody, antibody mediated rejection, Biomarker research, kidney transplant rejection, endothelial injury and repair, gene expression, immune response, immunohistochemistry, kidney and liver diseases, laser capture microdissection, Microvascular injury, kidney diseases, Molecular Diagnostics, Gene transcription., molecular pathology, mouse models of humoral rejection, pathology, transplantation