Dr. Bin Zheng

Associate Professor

Department of Surgery

Division of Surgical Research
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About Me

I received  medical training from Southern Medical University (Guangzhou) and China Medical University (Shenyang), and practiced as a surgeon for several years before coming to Canada in 1999.  i completed my PhD training at the Simon Fraser University in 2005. Currently, i am an Associate Professor in Surgery and holds the Endowed Research Chair in Surgical Simulation position in the Department of Surgery of the University of Alberta.  I collaborates with surgeons, engineers, clinical educators, and psychologists to develop simulators and evaluation educational outcome of simulation-based programs.  My long-term goal is to prompted the use of simulation in surgery for improving care quality and patient safety.  


Teaching in Medical School - Discovery Learning (Problem-based learning) courses for Year 1 and Year 2 MD students.

                                       - Basic Surgical Technique courses for different levels of trainees.

Teaching in Computing Science - Human Factors Engineering, Human-computer interaction, multi-media graduate courses


My current researches at the Surgical Simulation Research Lab (SSRL) focus on:

1) Medical Simulation (Design and Assessment): We create virtual (VR) and physical simulation models for surgical training. 

2) Human Factors in Surgery: We investigate eye-hand coordination, information processing, decision-making process for surgeons and design smart system to support surgeons. 

3) Skills Training and Rehabilitation: We study how skills are learning in the different environments. Knowledge gained helps to design a better skill acquisition program  for surgical trainees and also helps patients suffering with neuromuscular disorders to regain their daily skills. 

4) Medical Education: We use cutting edge technology (such as videos, gaming, VR, AR) to enhance education outcomes.  

Research Keywords

3D Vision, Augmented Reality, Depth perception, Digital Imaging (3D model development), Endoscopic, Laparoscopic, Robotic Surgery, Eye-hand coordination, Eye-tracking, Haptic feedback, Health Simulation, Human Factors in Surgery, Image-guided Surgery, Interface design, Motor Control & Skills Acquisition, Non-technical skills, OR efficiency, Patient Safety, Pre-surgery Planning, Psychomotor assessment, Rehabilitation, Team cognition, Team performance, Team Training, Vigilance, Virtual Reality

Team Members

visit www.ssrl.ca for the research team at Surgical Simulation Research Lab

In the past a few years, i have privilege to supervise a number of graduate students and scholars sponsored by national and international funding organization, including NSERC, Mitacs, AIHS, Chinese Scholarship council, and Li Ka shing Foundation.