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Dr. Brad Murray

Clinical Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Medical Physics
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Fellow: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine
Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine


Conformal Therapy
Conformal therapy is a technique that uses three dimensional imaging of the patient anatomy to precisely aim the radiation beam at the tumor while avoiding as much normal tissue as possible.
This technique requires registration of multiple imaging modalities such as CT and MR, and accurate beam modeling as well as precise patient immobilization. We participate in international multi-institution clinical trials aimed at improving the clinical outcome based on dose escalation through conformal techniques.

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Intensity modulated radiotherapy uses computer optimization to determine the fluence profile of each beam such that the combination of all beams will provide a dose distribution that meets a predefined set of conditions.

The optimized fluence profiles can then be delivered through dynamic multi leaf delivery or through fixed modulators similar to traditional compensators.

Gated Radiotherapy
Gated radiotherapy for intra thoracic tumours is aimed at minimizing the amount of motion of the tumour due to breathing. The self-gating technique being developed here is based on having the patient hold their breath and allowing the patient the ability to turn the beam off whenever they need to breathe.

This system is easy to implement, and is very well tolerated by the patients. Initial feasibility tests have shown promising results, and a dosimetric evaluation is ongoing.