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Dr. Diane Severin

Associate Clinical Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Radiation Oncology
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About Me

Clinical Interests 
Sarcoma, thyroid and gastrointestinal malignancies


Collaboration with colleagues in radiation biology and oncology has led to the formation of a Canadian Radiation Hypersensitivity Tissue Bank in which patients who have had an unexpectedly severe reaction to radiation are providing blood and skin samples for banking. The goal is to have these tissues available to scientists from across Canada to allow research into the mechanism of this severe reaction. From this bank it is hoped is that a predictive marker will be developed which can be used to identify these patients prior to any radiation therapy delivery. This bank also has potential for study into the mechanisms of DNA damage repair.
There are a number of cooperative group clinical trials active in sarcoma and gastrointestinal cancer in which I participate by accruing patients.