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Dr. Mohamed Osman

Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, Consultant Rheumatologist and Immunologist

Department of Medicine

Division of Rheumatology
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About Me

Personal Statement:

Immune dysregulation stems from a combination of (epi)genetic factors and environmental ones.  One of the intriguing (yet unexplained) aspects in patients with immune dysregulation is the prevalence of microvascular abnormalities.  As a clinician-scientist, I am interested in understanding microvascular changes associated with immune diseases particularly in connective tissue diseases such as systemic sclerosis (SSc) and dermatomyositis (DM) and how they relate to the pathogenesis of these diseases. In the translational SSc clinic, I study the natural history of microvascular and immune cell abnormalities in patients with very early SSc and established SSc with and without lung involvement in the clinical setting and in my research laboratory. Using a combination of nailfold video capillaroscopy (NVC) and serial clinical assessments, I aim to also better define the evolution of these diseases in patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon.  

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology/Immunology at Dalhousie University, Dr. Mohamed Osman completed his PhD in immunology then completed medical school (MD) and an internal medicine residency at the University of Alberta.  He then completed his rheumatology residency at the University of Alberta with extra training in clinical immunology followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in pulmonary arterial hypertension.  Then, he pursued additional expertise in SSc and NVC at the University of Genoa, Italy.  He was recruited to the University of Alberta in 2019 and has a clinical and clinical research interest in primary immune deficiency, SSc and DM, and leads a translational research laboratory aimed at better understanding the pathogenesis of SSc, DM and vasculitis at the University of Alberta.

Leadership and Collaborations:

Dr. Osman is the Co-Director of the Adult Primary Immune Deficiency Clinic and the leader of the Translational SSc Clinic. Dr. Osman is a member, active collaborator and a co-investigator in the Alberta Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Research Group and the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group. He also collaborates with the European League Against Rheumatism Microcirculation Research Group.

Research Keywords

Microcirculation, systemic sclerosis, dermatomyositis, nailfold video capillaroscopy, immunology, immune deficiency, immunometabolism