Dr. Nawaid Usmani

Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Radiation Oncology
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About Me

Clinical Interests
Prostate brachytherapy, Genito-urinary malignancies, Gastro-intestinal malignancies.


Dr. Usmani is an active member of the department in teaching medical students, residents and other students.


Dr. Usmani's main focus on research is in prostate brachytherapy. Currently, prostate brachytherapy is an increasingly popular treatment option for localized prostate cancer due to its excellent efficacy, good toxicity profile and convenience. However, there remains a great deal of potential to improve the current technique. Dr. Usmani's main objective for this research is to characterize current brachytherapy techniques and identify strategies for improving this treatment.  This includes quantifying inaccuracies in current brachytherapy techniques, identifying patient populations at a higher risk of toxicity from this treatment, and finding ways to improve our outcomes with brachytherapy implants (using technical and translational approaches).

In addition to this research in prostate brachytherapy, Dr. Usmani is involved in a number of other research endeavours.  His other research includes:

§  Investigating the potential benefits of metformin in preventing metabolic complications of hormonal therapy and improving prostate cancer outcomes.

§  Identifying new prognostic or predictive biomarkers in prostate cancer.

§  Investigating the utility of magnetic resonant imaging and PET imaging in the management of prostate cancer.

§  Investigating the potential benefits of exercise in rectal cancer patients.