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Dr. Piyush Kumar

Clinical Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Oncologic Imaging
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About Me

Current Appointment

Clinical Professor, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada; Senior Scientist at Edmonton PET Centre.

Degrees and Specialized Training

PhD (Organic Chemistry) from King George’s Medical University (Lucknow University), India

Certified Nuclear Energy Worker, and permit holder from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, (CNSC) Canada; Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) radiochemist; Completed Project Management Course, Levels 1 and 2, from the U Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA

AWARDS: Post-doctoral fellowship from the Alberta Heritage Foundation and Medical Research (AHFMR; 1986 – 1988); ‘Innovation Makes Sense’ award (2016) from TEC Edmonton, Canada


After completing my PhD degree from India, I joined the Facultè de Pharmacie et Pharmaceutiques, Universitè de Nantes, France, for post-doctoral training before moving to the Faculty of Pharmacy and finally to the Department of Oncology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. My extreme interest in cancer management, especially therapy-resistant solid hypoxic tumors, started with a very timely opportunity to work in this field, and is also the result of personal losses in my family. Besides my academic activities, when I get time, I like to play chess, and also enjoy singing Indian Hindi songs.


I am the part of the specialized radiopharmaceuticals’ teaching courses that are organized by the Canadian College of Radiopharmaceutical Scientists (CCRS) and the Canadian Association of Radiopharmacists (CARS), Edmonton. Highly talented multidisciplinary post-doctoral and post-graduate trainees are working in my group to address the scientific and clinical questions that are crucial for managing a variety of solid tumors and for finding appropriate solutions.


Interests: Tumor hypoxia management; Targeted syntheses of novel prodrugs; Development of PET and SPECT-based radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and radiotherapy of cancerous tumors; Development of bioengineered nanotheranostics; Pre-clinical and clinical investigations.

Projects: Our hypoxia theranosis program includes several exciting components in the basic research (novel drug development, radiopharmaceuticals manufacture, and medical physics), translational aspects (molecular biology, mechanistic and biomedical engineering), preclinical and clinical molecular imaging (PET, SPCET, MRI) and multimodal cancer therapy.


Team Members

Team members bring an unparalleled multidisciplinary expertise to my hypoxia management program. Research collaborations are in place with renowned basic, translational and clinical scientists at the University of Alberta as well as with the teams in the Peter McCallum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia; Sanjay Gandhi Post-graduate Institute, Lucknow, India; and in Manitoba Health Center, Winnipeg, Canada.

For additional information, visit the links below

www.hypoxiaalberta.org; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Piyush_Kumar17; ualberta.academia.edu/PiyushKumar; https://ca.linkedin.com/in/piyush-kumar-ba012952