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Dr. Quincy Chu

Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Medical Oncology
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About Me

I received my BSc in biochemistry at McMaster University, followed by my MD at the University of Toronto.  After I finished my internal medicine and medical oncology training at the University of Western Ontario, I pursued my fellowship training in advanced novel anti-cancer therapeutics at the Institute for Drug Development, San Antonio Texas.  During my fellowship, my main focuses are on early clinical and translational development on novel anti-cancer therapeutics and clinical pharmacology. 


Aside from bedside or more accurate called clinic teaching of rotating medical students, medicine, surgery and pathology residents, medical oncology and respiratory fellows, I teach the basics on clinical trial designs for the medical oncology fellows.  In addition, I coordinate the biannual Clinical Pharmacology series for the medical oncology fellows with Drs. Sawyer and Spratlin. 

I am also a teaching faculty for the Faculty of Agriculture and Nutrition annually on nutritional complications from anti-cancer agents. 


Clinical Interests: My main clinical interests are in the treatment of thoracic malignancies and adult soft tissue and bone sarcomas.

Phase I/II Clinical Research: From 2002 to 2005, I pursued a clinical research fellowship in the development of novel anti-cancer agents, including cytotoxic, molecular targeted and anti-sense DNA agents at the Institute for Drug Development in San Antonio, Texas. In collaboration with my clinical and basic science colleagues, Dr. Michael Sawyer and I are in the midst of formally establishing a New Drug Development Programme at the Cross. Through the role of investigator-in-charge of the Princess Margaret Phase II Consortium, and collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, it will provide us the golden opportunity to study novel anti-cancer agents.

Translational Research in Novel Anti-cancer Agents: Due to the heterogeneity of clinical and molecular characteristics of solid tumours, there is considerable difference in their response and clinical outcome with different anti-cancer therapy. We will perform translational research to identify molecular determinants for response using clinical tumour and serum samples collected through primary surgery and clinical trials and tumour cell lines.

Translational Research in Adult Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Adult soft tissue sarcoma is a class of rare and heterogenous malignant tumours arising from the mesenchymal tissues. The systemic treatment options available in this disease are very limited. Through the collaboration with Polyomx and the Sarcoma Team at the Cross, samples of soft tissue sarcomas are collected for biological studies in order to understand the clinical, biological and molecular characteristics of various soft tissue sarcoma subtypes, and thus better therapeutic options are available in this disease site.