Dr. Ron Damant


Department of Medicine

Division of Pulmonary Medicine
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About Me

Personal Statement

Practicing respiratory medicine is like being a family doctor for people with lung disease.

My first goal in medicine has always been to provide exemplary patient care. A career in academic medicine has allowed me to develop as a clinician. On top of this, working in the Department of Medicine, FOMD, U of A has given me the opportunity to help with the education of thousands of health professionals, to participate in both clinical and education research, and to contribute as a health system leader.

Dr. Ronald Damant followed his University of Alberta medical degree with training in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Respirology. Prior to his academic appointment with the Department of Medicine, he practiced in primary care, emergency medicine, and internal medicine in both Alberta and British Columbia. This early training and experience established Dr. Damant as a generalist as well as a specialist. 

The primary focus of Dr. Damant’s early-to-mid-academic career was medical education. He has received numerous local and national awards as a classroom and clinical educator. He spent two terms as Assistant Dean, Preclinical Undergraduate Medical Education. From 2004 through 2011 he led efforts to introduce state-of-the art teaching and learning practice and policy to the undergraduate MD and DDS curricula, to migrate the the medical-dental curriculum from paper to an online platform, to redevelop the overarching and specific educational outcomes and objective of the undergraduate MD program, and to achieve full accreditation of the University of Alberta’s undergraduate medicine program.

More recently, although Dr. Damant continues to work as a clinician and educator, he has taken on the role of Deputy (and Interim) Director of the Pulmonary Division at both the University of Alberta Hospital site and the Edmonton Zone. He has collaborated in the development of a care pathway which, as part of the Edmonton Zone Virtual Hospital, is meant to enhance care of patients with chronic disease across hospital-community-home continuum.


Dr. Damant has received funding from national and provincial funding agencies for collaborative research focused on medical education, end-of-life patient care, COPD, etc. His work has been published in such peer-reviewed journals as MedEdPublish, Journal of Palliative Medicine, and PLoS ONE. He has authored and co-authored dozens of abstracts. He has presented locally, nationally, and internationally.