Dr. Roseline Godbout


Department of Oncology

Division of Experimental Oncology
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About Me

Dr. Roseline Godbout is currently appointed as Professor in the Division of Experimental Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


My research group has three main areas of interest: (i) regulation of gene expression during retinal development (see Project Details – Project 1), (ii) characterization of a DEAD box protein called DDX1 in the human tumour of the retina called retinoblastoma (Project 2), and (iii) induction of differentiation in brain tumours (Project 3)

Projects 1 and 2: Retinoblastoma, a childhood tumour of the eye, occurs when both copies of the retinoblastoma (RB) gene are mutated in retinal precursor cells. In spite of extensive investigations of the RB gene, no one truly understands how retinal precursor cells become tumorigenic. We are using different approaches spanning the fields of molecular biology, cellular biology and developmental biology, to study the spectrum of changes in retinal cells compared to retinoblastoma tumour cells.

Project 3: Malignant gliomas are deadly brain tumours that are extremely aggressive and hard to treat. We believe that malignant glioma tumours are derived from a glial cell that is normally highly invasive during brain development. We propose that a better understanding of the genes expressed in normal glial cells will shed light on how to control the aggressive properties of brain tumours.​ 

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