Faculty Members

Dr. Satyapal Rathee

Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Medical Physics
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About Me

Dr. Satyapal Rathee is currently appointed as Associate Professor in the Division of Medical Physics in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


My general area of research revolves around imaging for guiding the fractionated radiotherapy. Primarily, I have been developing detector system for megavoltage imaging to be used in fan-beam and cone beam CT. We have been working on high density scintillator, cadmium tungstate, in order to study its detective quantum efficiency as a function of crystal height, pixel pitch, septa materials, and optical properties of the septa material. The effect of beam divergence on the thick segmented scintillators attached to flat panel has been quantified. We have fabricated a bench-top CT scanner to study the image performance of the cadmium tungstate based detector in megavoltage beam. Currently, this system is being extended into the cone-beam geometry.

I am also involved in the department wide project of integrating MRI with a linear accelerator. In this area, my research focuses on characterization of radiation induced conductivity and radiation damage to the components in MRI coils. I am also involved in understanding the radiofrequency interference produced by a linac that can adversely affect the MRI image quality. Radiation dosimetry measurement and radiation dose calculation in the presence of a strong MRI magnet are being investigated. I am helping a student in designing a home-grown MLC controller that will be used for demonstrating real-time tumor tracking using the MRI-linac system.