Faculty Members

Dr. Stephen Steciw

Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

Division of Medical Physics
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About Me

Dr. Stephen Steciw is currently appointed as Associate Professor in the Division of Medical Physics in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


MR-Linac: Magnetic Interference
Real-time image-guided adaptive radiotherapy (RTIGAR) is being explored at the Cross Cancer Institute by coupling a 0.2 T biplanar permanent-magnet MRI to a linear accelerator. My research involves using finite element analysis and other specialized software to study the effects of the magnetic interference from the MRI system on the production of an x-ray beam intended for use in radiotherapy. I am also investigating passive and active shielding methods to eliminate the effects of this magnetic interference.

EPID Modeling and Dosimetry
My research interests also include dosimetric modeling of EPIDs for exit-beam and IMRT verification. Monte Carlo modeling, with the addition of lag and ghosting correction algorithms are being investigated to improve the dosimetric response derived from the EPID.