Faculty Members

Ms. Barbara Gitzel

Clinical Professor

Department of Dentistry

Division of Dental Hygiene

About Me

Barbara is a Clinical Professor and student advisor in the Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta. She teaches behavioral foundations, health education, communication, addiction awareness, interventions for tobacco cessation and module on clinical teaching. In 2009, Barbara received the Barb Tarbox Award for Excellence in Tobacco Reduction and in 2008 the WW Wood Award for excellence in teaching. She attended the University of Utah’s School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies, trained at the Mayo clinic as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, holds the TEACH certificate in tobacco dependency treatment and completed the Professionals in Residence program at the Betty Ford Center.


  • DipDH, BEd, BFA, MFA


  • Concepts and Communication for Health Behavior Change HYG 221
  • Oral Health Education and Leadership D HYG 320
  • Addiction Awareness and Interventions for Tobacco Cessation D HYG 414
  • Clinical Teaching Module D HYG 413
  • Junior and senior clinical teaching
  • Student advisor


  • Co-author with Sharon Compton for AHS grant titled, Academic Detailing for Provision of Tobacco Treatment Services in Dental/Hygiene Practices (2011-2012)
  • Co-author with Steve Patterson for AHS grant titled, Increasing Interdisciplinary Tobacco Cessation Activities in University Health Sciences Educational Programs (2009-2011)