Dr. Bernadette Quemerais

Associate Professor

Department of Medicine

Division of Preventive Medicine
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About Me

I am an environmental chemist who began my career by studying the mass balance of contaminants, specifically mercury, in the St. Lawrence River basin. I then worked for the Canadian Forces as an occupational hygienist, where I did some work on noise in Sea King helicopters, but mainly on soldiers' exposure to atmospheric emissions produced during live gun firing.

Since arriving at the University of Alberta, I have been developing a program on nanoparticles and ultrafine particles. Specifically, I am interested in developing techniques for sampling and analyzing nanoparticles and ultrafine particles and assessing the health effects of these particles. 

I am a member of the Alberta Respiratory Centre. 


  • Public Service Award of Excellence, 1999

Partnership with Other Research Groups and Industries

  • Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining (CCWJ), University of Alberta
  • Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta
  • School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management, University of Alberta
  • 3M
  • Michelin
  • Canadian Welding Board (CWB)
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • Local 146: Boilermakers
  • Local 488: Plumbers & Pipefitters



  • MED 514: Occupational Hygiene
  • ENGG 406: Methodologies and Tools (ESRM-MT)


My program presently concentrates on exposure assessment to welding fumes and their health effects using urinary metabolite profiling. My group has completed a research project on urinary metabolites in welder apprentices and we are now looking at using metals in exhaled breath condensates of welders as a biomarker of exposure to welding fumes.

Current Grants

3M/Government of Alberta Operating Grant (2019/2020)
“Urinary metabolites as biomarkers of welding fume exposure in professional welders”
Principal Investigator

WorkSafe BC Operating Grant (2019/2020)
“Metals in exhaled breath condensates as markers of exposure to welding fumes”
Principal Investigator

Research Keywords

Environmental Chemistry, environmental monitoring, Exposure Assessment, inorganic trace analysis, occupational hygiene