Faculty Members

Dr. Bo Cao

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
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About Me

Trained in mathematics (BSc), psychology (MSc), computational neuroscience (PhD), neuroimaging and psychiatry (postdoc), I have a strong passion for understanding the fundamental mechanisms of how the brain works and how to cure the brain when the mechanisms are disturbed. I am always seeking young talents to work with as graduate students (Masters and PhD) and postdoctoral fellows. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining our interdisciplinary group or collaborations.

My main research interests are:

1) Computational psychiatry and precision medicine in mental health. I hope to develop translational tools that can provide accurate and personalized diagnosis and treatment optimization for mental disorders. This can be achieved by identifying objective biomarkers associated with mental disorders and their treatment outcomes through multimodal data including brain imaging, genetic, biological, behavioral, cognitive and clinical measurements, and by applying advanced machine learning and statistical algorithms to these data.

2) Brain development and aging. Our brain is a very plastic organ that changes over the lifespan. It is necessary to consider the brain development and aging and associated cognitive change, when we investigate brain disorders. I am interested in lifespan structural and functional changes of the brain, developing personalized tools of brain development and aging, and applying these tools to the brain with mental disorders.

3) Neuromodulation and neurofeedback.

Research Keywords

Computational Psychiatry, Machine Learning, Mental Disorders, Precision Medicine in Mental Health, Brain Imaging, Brain Maturation and Aging