Academic Faculty

Brendan T Finucane

Prof Emeritus (UAH)

Medicine & Dentistry

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Dr. Finucane completed his undergraduate medical education at University College Dublin Ireland, graduating with the following degrees MB. B Ch. BAO. 1967. Following a year of internship in Ireland, he completed a four year residency training period at the University of Liverpool in 1972. He became a fellow of the Royal College in 1972 with the accompanying degree FFARCS in that same year. He completed a year of fellowship training in Pediatric Anesthesia at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He did additional training in Medicine at St Michael’s hospital in Toronto. In 1974 he became a qualified specialist in Anesthesia in Canada and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Canada (FRCPC). Dr. Finucane joined the Department of Anesthesiology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. In 1977 he was appointed Chief of Anesthesiology at Grady Memorial Hospital and Full Professor at Emory in 1983. He remained at Emory University until 1989 when he was appointed Chair of Anesthesia at the University of Alberta.  He completed two terms as Chair from 1989-1999 and was Program Director from 2000 to 2005. He retired from the University of Alberta in 2008 and was appointed Professor Emeritus at that time. Dr. Finucane was an active clinical researcher and published widely in peer reviewed journals in Anesthesiology and published two textbooks.

Research Interests

  • Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Acute Pain Management
  • Airway Management
  • History of Anesthesia
  • Global Health

Awards and Accolades

  1. Gaston Labat award from the American Society of Regional Anesthesia in 2003

  2. Spotlight on Achievement Award from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in 2004 

  3. Gold Medal Award from the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society in 2005 

  4. The David Little Award for the best work of Anesthesia History published in 2008 

  5. Past President of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia (1998) and the Academy of Anesthesiology (1996) and ACUDA 

  6. Rotary International Integrity Award in 2015 (Glenora) for volunteer teaching  in Palestine and Rwanda from 2007 to 2013 

Selected Publications

  1. Finucane BT, Hammonds WED, Welch MB: Influence on age of vascular absorption of lidocaine from the epidural space. Anesth Analg 66:843-846, 1987.

  2. Finucane BT, Yilling FP: Safety of supplementing axillary brachial plexus blocks. Anesthesiology 70:401-403.1989.

  3. O’Connor PJ, Hanson J, Finucane BT. Induced hypotension with epidural/general anesthesia reduces transfusion in radical prostate surgery. Can.J. Anesthesia 2006; 53: 873-80.

  4. Paterson SJ, Finucane BT, Byrne PJ. Molesky MG Seal RF. Neonatal Resuscitation using the LMA. Anesthesiology 1994 80; 6: 1248-1253.

  5. Finucane BT, Ganapathy S, Carli F, Pridham JN, et al. Prolonged epidural infusions of ropivacaine (2mcg/mL) following colonic surgery: The impact of adding fentanyl. Anesth Analg: 92;1276-85, 2001.

  6. Finucane. BT. Canadian Contributions to the Introduction and Use of Divinyl Ether. CJA 2008; 55: 853-858.


  1. Finucane BT, Santora  AH and Tsui CH,  Principles of Airway Management 4th edition Springer 2010.      

  2. Finucane BT and Tsui CH, Complications of Regional Anesthesia, 3rd Edition, in press 2016.