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Dr. Doug Klein

Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine
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About Me

Dr. Doug Klein is family physician and researcher with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta in Canada. Dr. Klein co-founded Edmonton’s MOVE program. He has strong connections to primary care physicians in Alberta. Passionate about health promotion and the benefits of nature, he can often be found outdoors with his family.


In 2003, I joined the Department of Family Medicine with a clinical focus. While focusing on education and clinical practice, I developed strong relationships with FPs and gained experience with knowledge translation (KT).  In 2011, I shifted my career to increase my time for research. Initially through the collaboration with other researchers and now through the development of my own research team CHANGE ALBERTA, my research capacity continues to increase.

I have a proven track record as a clinician-researcher including being a primary investigator on 21 peer-review grants (3 from CIHR). I have published 25 peer-reviewed articles and given over 75 presentations worldwide (including 19 invited presentations, 17 international presentations, and 2 keynote addresses). I have focused my publications in journals read by Canadian FPs (13/25 articles) and creating clinical resources like Tools for Practice.

In 2012, I founded the CHANGE ALBERTA research team. This multi-disciplinary team brings together clinicians, administrators, basic science researchers and experts in nutrition, exercise, gerontology and health economics. Through my leadership, this team has been successful in receiving 4 peer-reviewed grants of over $1.5 million. I also was selected as the Medical Director for Metabolic Syndrome Canada (The CHANGE Program) & the new CHANGE Data Centre.

I am an internationally recognized innovator in continuing medical education (CME) and was one of the first to use FP’s electronic medical records to direct personalized CME. This initial work was translated into the Alberta Physician Learning Program, a $2 million education program for physicians. In 2015, I was invited to Australia to present my CHANGE research to primary care researchers.

My work on lifestyle interventions has shaped both how care is delivered as well as who is involved in its delivery. When I graduated, kinesiologists were not part of the healthcare team. My research with the Edmonton Oliver PCN has demonstrated the success of kinesiologists in primary care; locally, through the MOVE program (www.moveyeg.ca) and provincially and nationally through the CHANGE program (www.METSC.ca). Through presentations to the primary care community, FPs are increasingly able to support diet and exercise behaviour change among patients by drawing upon clinic staff like dieticians & kinesiologists.

Research Keywords

physical literacy, resilence

Team Members

CHANGE Alberta Research Team:

Doug Klein, Family Physician, Principal Investigator, University of Alberta

Serena Humphries, Research Manager, University of Alberta

¨Khursheed Jeejeebhoy, Gastroenterologist, University of Toronto

¨Rupinder Dhaliwal, Director of Operations, CHANGE Program

¨Lee Green, Family Physician, University of Alberta

¨Denise Campbell Scherer, Family Physician, University of Alberta

¨Leah Gramlich, Medical Lead for Nutrition, Alberta Health Services

¨Jennifer Klein, Qualitative Researcher, University of Alberta

¨Chris McCabe, Health Economist, University of Alberta

¨Lorian Taylor, Dietitian, Alberta Health Services

¨Caroline Rheaume, Family Physician, Laval University

¨Paula Brauer, Nutrition, University of Alberta

¨Angelo Tremblay, Kinesiologist, Laval University

¨David Mutch, Nutrigenomics, University of Guelph

¨Sonja Reichert , Family Physician, University of Western Ontario

¨Jeff Vallance, Physical Activity and Cancer, Athabasca University