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Dr. Edmond Ryan


Department of Medicine

Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism
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About Me

Edmond Ryan received his MD from the University of Dublin and after his residency training in Ireland completed a fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism at the University of Miami. He then moved to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where he is active in diabetes care and research. Previously, he has been Medical Director of the Islet Transplant Program in Edmonton, Director of the Diabetes Metabolic Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital and has a keen interest in diabetes and pregnancy. He was the first to confirm insulin resistance in pregnancy in humans using the euglycemic clamp, demonstrated defects in insulin secretion and action in women post gestational diabetes and more recently has been a contributor to the discussion about criteria for diagnosis of gestational diabetes. He has created the web site diabetes-pregnancy.ca to provide information for those who are pregnant and have diabetes or develop gestational diabetes. His current major project involves working with Dr Russ Greiner in the Department of Computing Science with a view to developing a Machine Learning App to assist people with Type 1 Diabetes with their insulin adjustments. 

Research Keywords

Diabetes, diabetes, pregnancy, type 2, metformin, Diabetes, Type 1, management, Metformin, orla hypoglycemic agents, Pregnancy, Type 2