Dr. Jane Schulz


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Division of Urogynecology
  • 5S131 Royal Alexandra Hospital - Robbins Pavillion (Lois Hole Hospital for Women)
  • schulz@ualberta.ca
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About Me

Place of Graduation: University of Alberta, 1992

Residency: University of Alberta

Fellowship: University of London, England / University of Toronto

Clinical/Research Interests: Urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction


Peer Reviewed Papers

Houwing MM, Schulz JA, Flood CG, Baydock S, Rosychuk RJ. A retrospective review of tension‑free vaginal tape/transoburator tape procedures done concomitantly with prolapse repair. J Obstet Gynecol Can. 2013 Apr; 35(4):340-7.

Robert M, Schulz JA, Harvey MA: Urogynaecology Committee Lovatsis D, Walter JE, Chou Q, Easton WA, Epp A, Farrell SA, Geoffrion R, Girouard L, Gupta CK, Harvey MA, Larochelle A, Maslow KD, Neustaeder G, Pascali D, Pierce M, Robert M, Ross S, Schacter J, Schulz JA, Senikas V, Wilkie DH. Technical update on pessary use. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2013 Jul; 35(7): 664-74. (Schulz was 1 of the 2 lead authors on this guideline).

Radomski S, Schulz JA. Treatment considerations for OAB: Case Studies. Proceedings of the 2013 Canadian Urology Forum – New Challenges in Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic Floor Disorders. Can Urol Assoc J. 2013 Sep‑Oct (Issues 9-10, Supplement 4), Vol 7, S177-178.

Ross S, Tang S, Schulz J, Murphy M, Goncalves J, Kaye S, Dederer L, Robert M. Single incision device (TVT Secur) versus retropubic tension-free vaginal tape device (TVT) for the management of stress urinary incontinence in women: a randomized clinical trial. BMC Res Notes. 2014 Dec 22;7:941.

Peer Reviewed Abstracts

Schulz JA, Ding JL, Flood CG, Tyrell J, Janes-Kelley S. An Innovative Multidisciplinary Approach to Urogynecology Clinical Care. Poster Presentation at IUGA/AUGS combined ACM, Washington DC, USA. IUJ supplement July 2014.

Poirier A, Ross S, Hyakutake M, Slade D, Flood C, Schulz J. What are the clinical factors associated with attendance at a multidisciplinary perineal clinic among patients with obstetrical anal sphincter injuries? Oral eposter presentation at ICS ACM Montreal, Canada Oct 2015.

Wagg A, Cherry N, MacDonald D, Schulz J, Chowdhury M, Haque R, Kabir F, Chowdhury Z. Development and Testing of a Continence Record for use with Illiterate Older Women in Rural Bangladesh. Oral presentation ICS ACM Montreal, Canada Oct 2015. Neurourol Urodynam 134: Suppl 13, ps208-9.

Cherry N, Wagg A, MacDonald D, Schulz J, Chowdhury M, Haque R, Kabir F, Chowdhury Z. Clinical trials don’t just happen: steps to initiate an exercise trial to manage incontinence in elderly, illiterate, village women. Oral eposter presentation at ICS ACM Montreal, Canada, Oct 2015.

Research Keywords

bateriuria, Clinical practice audit with summer student, currently collecting data, Fellow and resident project, Pelvic floor disorders in women, Resident project supervisor, Resident research project co-supervisor, Supervisor for Fellow Research Project. Presented , tertiary care, urogynecology