Faculty Members

Dr. Louanne Keenan

Director/Comm. Engagement Research, Associate Professor Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
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About Me

Dr. Louanne Keenan completed a Master of Adult Education, and a PhD in Human Ecology and Population Health Studies. 


Her qualitative research involves issues of cultural integration, comprehended choice,  patient advocacy, community-based research, and social accountability. She is passionate about her collaborations on participatory action research projects with her colleagues at the Edmonton Remand Centre, Homeward Trust Edmonton, the YMCA, the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative, and numerous inner city organizations. Other research interests include: Housing and Homelessness; Health Information Seeking of Immigrants; Peer-to-Peer Consultations; Mentorship; and Leadership. She has volunteered throughout Central and South America, the Philippines, Nepal, Uganda, learning humility as she witnesses the wisdom shared throughout our world. 

Current Projects: 

1) Housing and Health Needs of Low Income Immigrant/Refugee Seniors

2) The Impact of Homelessness on the Health of Incarcerated Women

3) Creation and Assessment of Peer-to-Peer Consultation Tools

3) Simulation-Based Quality Improvement Workshops for Medical Residents

4) Improving Obesity Management Training in Family Medicine 

5) Leadership Development in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Research Keywords

Collaborative inquiry - qualitative research, health seeking Chinese immigrant women, qualitative research interviews - clinical staff