Faculty Members

Dr. Ravi Bhargava

Professor / Assoc Chair - Education
Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

About Me

Dr. Ravi Bhargava is currently appointed as Professor / Assoc Chair - Education in the Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Research Keywords

CDH, children, CT, Coronary CT, Pediatric transplant, dietary fructose, doppler, fetal mri, hepatocellular energy homeostasis, Imaging assessment of thrombosis, liver disease, liver transplant, mir, fetus, CDH, MRI, mri hydrocephalus, mri islet cell transplants, mri, contrast agents, mri, epilepsy, mri, liver failure, brain, mri, thrombosis, Pediatric MRI contrast, radiation PTLD, Sickle cell disease, Spectroscopy and tractography MRI, Tuberculosis, ultrasound, venous thromboembolism detection, vessel wall enhancement