Dr. Toru Tateno

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism
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About Me

Personal Statement:

Pituitary tumours affect nearly 17 percent of the population with life-changing consequences. There are currently no effective treatments for these tumours. My research investigates the causes and effects of pituitary tumours in the endocrine system with the goal of developing a robust tumour model that is the necessary first step to developing therapies. 

Clinician-scientist: I completed my medical degree and clinical training at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. I then completed postdoctoral and clinical fellowships at the University of Toronto before coming to the University of Alberta to complete a research fellowship. I was appointed an assistant professor in 2017. My clinical and research focus is identifying new biomarkers for and developing new therapies to treat pituitary tumours.

Leadership and Collaborations:

I am a member of the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute and the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta.


Most of my teaching is done in clinics.

Research Keywords

biomarkers, cancer treatment, drug discovery, endocrine tumors, hormone regulation, pituitary tumors