Dr. Yves Sauve

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor
Department of Ophthalmology

About Me

Dr. Sauve is currently appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor in the in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Research Keywords

ADHD mechanisms, retina, seasonal change, age-related-macular degeneration, animal models, age-related-macular degeneration, omega-3, aging, retina function, screening retina disease, AMD, nutrition, prevention, DHA, personalized med, animal models, choroideremia, clinical trial, CSNB type 2, genotype-phenotype correlation, DHA, retina, AMD, aging, animal models, diabetic retinopathy, electrophysiology, gene therapy, glaucoma, ERG, early screening, glaucoma, genetics, animal models, inherited retina disorders, screening, maculopahty screening, retina, mfERG, Novel animal model, Nutrition, photoreceptors, retina, retina degeneration, animal models, stem cells, survey, academic integrity, plagiarism, type 2 diabetes, vision loss, post-retinal involvement