Accolade Processing

Process for the Handling of an Accolade Report May 2016

1. The triage officer on duty receives and acknowledges receipt of an accolade, by electronic interface through the MedSIS platform.
2. The triage officer, by e-mail correspondence, requests, permission from the creator of the report, to name them when sending a copy of the accolade to the individual being celebrated.
3. Verbatim copies of the accolade are sent to the individual being commended, as well as to their supervisor. [e.g. Department Chair (Academic and Clinical Faculty), AHS Site Lead (Nursing Colleague), Director of Professionalism, UME and Associate Dean, UME (UME student), Program Director & Associate Dean, PGME (post-graduate trainee)]
4. All accolades are reviewed at the 2-monthly Professionalism Triage Committee meeting.
5. The Professionalism Triage Committee reviews accolades and chooses from amongst them those that will be included in the Faculty-wide Accolade celebration process.
6. If chosen for Accolade celebration, the Assistant Dean, Professionalism undertakes the necessary steps to obtain permission for this activity from the commended individual and the creator of the report.

Note: Accolades received through The Professionalism Button can be included within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Annual Report Online (ARO) process. Directions to do so are included within the Accolade letter.