Accolade Processing

 Professionalism Accolade Process (September 2017) 

  1. The reporter submits an accolade via the professionalism “button”.
  2. The accolade is received and acknowledged by a professionalism triage officer, by electronic interface through the MedSIS platform.
  3. The triage officer forwards the accolade to the professionalism administrative assistant.
  4. The professionalism administrative assistant contacts the accolade reporter by email, asking permission to proceed with the accolade.
  5. Verbatim copies of the accolade are sent by letter from the Office of Professionalism to the person named and commended in the accolade, as well as to their faculty officer or supervisor (ie:  Divisional Director, Department Chair, AHS Site Lead, Supervisor, Undergraduate/Postgraduate Deans, Program Director).  Note:  the reporter who submitted the accolade will be kept anonymous in the accolade letter.
  6. The professionalism administrative assistant contacts the Reporter of the accolade, informing them of the outcome of their accolade submission.

  7. All accolades are reviewed by the Professionalism Triage Committee every 6 weeks.

Note:  Accolades received via the professionalism “button” can be included in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Annual Report Online (ARO). Directions regarding this are contained within the accolade letter.