Our Objectives

Ethiopia-Canada Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Project Goals

The overarching goal of our project is to help Ethiopia in its drive to meet Millennium Development Goals by lowering high rates of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity.

We hope to achieve that by:

  • Increasing access to skilled birth attendants and boosting the number of expectant mothers who take advantage of their expertise.
  • Increasing maternal and neonatal skills and experience of midwives, health officers and other personnel.
  • Improving the teaching of midwifery at national and regional midwifery schools.
  • Increasing the awareness that families, communities and health workers have of available MNCH services.
  • Enhancing the capacity of stakeholder organizations to sustain equitable and gender sensitive MNCH systems.
  • Enhancing the capacity to track and monitor maternal and newborn well-being at primary levels, referral centres and health education institutions.

We aim to improve outcomes in emergency cases by:

  • Increasing the coordination and use of an improved referral system.
  • Improving basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care offered at all levels of service.
  • Increasing awareness of the value of referral in emergency birth situations among community members, including leaders, expectant mothers and family members.
Midwifery students in Helping Babies Breath course

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