From strangers to colleagues in 15 weeks

genet and pelvis

Genet Ficadu demonstrates with model of a woman's pelvic area

MRU's Debbie Duran-Snell works with students Weyitu Daniel, Minalu Bezie and Eyosyas Ambaye

Heather McLellan holding a newborn at St. Paul's Hospital

Debebe Tesfaye, left, Shiferaw Abeway, Berhe Woldu and Dejene Edosa

khalid and roger

Roger Turnell and Khalid Aziz chat during tea break outside SPHMMC classroom

Etenesh Yosef

Etenesh Joseph attends class on teaching skills

Vince Salyers

Vince Salyers at farewell gathering

Lunch at the Motera hotel

Hayat HBB

Hayat Sualih practices helping newborn begin breathing

Students return to class after two months' field work back in their home districts

Zekarias Mulineh and Shiferaw Abeway demonstrate with ManaNatalie simulator

Yared Deyas, Debebe Tesfaye, Meseret Desta and Berhe Woldu prepare MamaNatalies

Mount Royal's Pattie Pryma reviews video work on tablets

Reporting on traditional malpractice