Class Reunions

The annual Alumni Weekend brings together thousands of University of Alberta graduates each year to campus. Want to take part in your Class Reunion? We have all tools to help make that happen.

What is a Class Organizer?
Class Organizers are volunteers who make Alumni Weekend a success by encouraging their classmates to join in the fun! Class Organizers

  • Are the contact person for their class
  • Encourage classmates to attend Alumni Weekend  
  • Are liaisons with the Office of Alumni Relations and/or their Faculty

What do I do as a Class Organizer?
The role of Class Organizer can take very little time and effort — unless you choose otherwise. We ask that Class Organizers do at least the following:
  • Attend at least one function during Alumni Weekend
  • Sign up to three letters that we will then send to your classmates
  • Let us know of any address changes for your classmates
  • Encourage your classmates to come celebrate

What does the Office of Central Alumni Relations do for my reunion?
The Office of Alumni Relations will provide Class Organizers with information, ideas, and support. To help make your reunion a success, Alumni Relations will: 
  • Hold events, as well as information sessions on planning your reunion
  • Provide you with draft letters of invitation to write to your classmates
  • Copy, stuff, label, and mail your letters to your classmates
  • Advertise your reunion in New Trail, and on our webpage
  • Assist you with invitations, registration, nametags, and seating plans
  • Provide you access to your class list 
  • Give you advice on class projects 
  • Allow you access to office equipment

What else can I do in my role as Class Organizer?
There are lots of other things you can do as Class Organizer. Some organizers choose to take on special projects such as:
  • Souvenir books with class biographies
  • Private get-togethers, such as a lunch, pub night, golf tourney or BBQ
  • Web pages where classmates can share memories and photos 
  • A Class Gift donation to support student scholarships 
  • Inviting former professors to join the reunion
  • Forming a committee to help organize their reunion 
  • Writing more personal letters

What if I plan my reunion outside of Alumni Weekend?
A Class Reunion need not be held during Alumni Weekend. If you are interested in planning a reunion for another time of the year, Alumni Relations can assist you in your planning. We will provide you with the same services we provide those planning their reunion during Alumni Weekend.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is here to help you plan your private function, here are the services we can offer:

  • Venue booking
  • Event registration
  • Invitations and event reminders
  • Setting up collection of any fees
  • Event program and timelines
  • Décor and rentals
  • Building a personalized events program tailored to Alumni weekend 2018

How do I become a Class Organizer?

If you are interested in becoming a Class Organizer, please contact Elise Hetu,