Behavioural Medicine

The Behavioural Medicine Course contributes to the Family Medicine Residency Program's focus on continuity of care with patients. It strives to meet the CFPC's guidelines on the patient-centred approach to clinical care and CFPC's recommendations for a "Triple C" curriculum that is Comprehensive, Competency-based and Centred on Family Medicine. The curriculum areas address each of the four principles of Family Medicine (foundational concepts) and each of the six skill dimensions of CANMED-FM; it also promotes the learning of Family Medicine competencies.

All Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) residents are required to participate in the Behavioural Medicine Course in their six-month block of Family Medicine.

Workshop Content

 Workshop 1
An Introduction to Consultation in Family Medicine
 Workshop 2
Video Review and Boundaries
 Workshop 3
Finding Common Ground and the Difficult Patient
 Workshop 4
Weight Management
 Workshop 5
Advanced Care Planning
 Workshop 6
Breaking bad news