Ethics Review

All research projects (whether funded or not) conducted by department members or residents MUST receive ethical approval before being implemented.

Ethics applications are to be submitted to the Health Research Ethics Board as follows:

Panel A (Biomedical Panel)

Reviews and approves biomedical research studies (invasive research - medication use, clinical trials, surgical procedures, collection of blood, etc). For further information, contact Patricia Lo, REB Coordinator, 780-492-9724 or Ann Moore, REB Coordinator, 780-492-6459.

Panel B (Health Panel)

Reviews and approves health research (non-invasive research). For further information, contact Charmaine Kabatoff, REB Coordinator, 780-492-0302.
The University of Alberta now uses a web-based ethics system, Research and Ethics Management Online or REMO.

All Biomedical/Panel A applications must be prepared on-line using HERO.
All new and existing Panel B studies are being managed online using HERO.
For HERO user support, contact
Alice Fritch, HERO Support Coordinator