Research Electives

Year 1 Option

Two-week elective credit (horizontal elective)

Year 2 Option

Six-week elective credit (horizontal elective, plus dedicated elective time)
Total eight weeks of elective time (392 hours) over two years
Research project-focused
Supervised by a full-time Department of Family Medicine academic faculty member

Family Medicine Research Elective 1 (Year 1)

Two-week horizontal elective in Year 1 during Family Medicine block time
(16 days x 7 hrs/day=112 hours)
  • Define research question
  • Conduct literature review
  • Develop research design and methodology
  • Write research proposal

Family Medicine Research Elective 2 (Year 2)

Eight-week elective in Year 2 (i.e. combination of two weeks horizontal elective during Family Medicine block time, plus 4-6 weeks of dedicated elective time. Minimum total of 280 hours, i.e. 20 days during Family Medicine block time x 7 hrs/day=140 hours, plus 20 days dedicated elective time x 7 hrs/day=140 hours)

Prerequisite FMR Elective 1 (unless a research protocol is already developed)
  • Apply for funding (if applicable)
  • Write ethics application
  • Collect research data
  • Compile and analyze research data
  • Write research manuscript or present research findings at an appropriate forum