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Message from Dr. Shirley Schipper

Welcome to the Undergraduate Education Section of the University of Alberta's Department of Family Medicine (DFM) website. Throughout all four years of Undergraduate Medical Education, the DFM exposes medical students to enthusiastic Family Physicians as small-group facilitators, lecturers, course coordinators, and as preceptors for their Longitudinal Clinical Experience in Family Medicine and Clerkship rotations.

The Department strives to provide an educational experience that includes the broad scope of general family practice. This approach is grounded in the Four Principles of Family Medicine and in CanMEDS-FM and stresses the development of proficiency required of a skilled clinician who utilizes an effective doctor-patient relationship in a community based setting, acting as a resource to a practice.

Shirley Schipper, Acting Director
Undergraduate Education Programs

Dr. Shirley Schipper
 Dr. Lillian Au