Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Department News

Dr.Luis Hidalgo has been awarded the "ASHI Scholar Award" which is awarded to the presenters of the best abstracts submitted to the the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics taking place in San Francisco this September. 

Dr.Steve Hrudey, Professor Emeritus in the Divison of Analytical and Environmental Toxicology, has received the "Alberta Order of Excellence".

Dr. Kim Solez won the "Gold Medal Award" from the Catalan Society of Transplantation in Barcelona, Spain. This was awarded on the occasion of the 14th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology in Barcelona on March 27-31, 2017, and was also given jointly to the co-creator of the Banff Conferences and Consensus Process, Dr. Lorraine Racusen. See video of the award at . Previous awardees include such transplantation notables as T.E. Starzl, R. Calne, F. Rapaport, D. Sutherland, B.D. Kahan, C. Ponticelli, J. Najarian, G. Opelz, K. Wood, and F. Delmonico.

Dr. Xing-Fang Li,  Professor in the Division of Analytical and Environmental Toxicology and Lindsay Blackstock, a PhD student co-authored a study on "How much pee is in our swimming pools".  Read full article published in the Edmonton Journal on March 1st at:

Dr. Chris X. Le published a study on "How molecular machines may drive the future of disease detection and drug delivery” in Nature Communications.  Read press release at:

Dr. Xing-Fang Li is honored to receive the "2017 Environment Division Research and Development Award", from the Chemical Institute of Canada. This Award is presented for distinguished contributions to research and/or development in the fields of environmental chemistry or environmental chemical engineering, while working in Canada. Dr. Li will present her award lecture at the 100th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference, to be held in Toronto on May 28 – June 1, 2017.

Dr. Hongquan Zhang was honored at a recent celebration of “Innovation Makes Sense”, organized by TEC Edmonton, University of Alberta, and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. He received a Patent Award for his invention “Binding-induced hairpin detection system”. Other award recipients also included Dr. Jason Acker (collaboration with Dr. Alexey Atrazhev), Dr. Janet Elliott (collaboration with Dr. Locksley McGann), Dr. Chris Le, and Dr. Xing-Fang Li.