Department of Medicine

Strategic Clinical Improvement Committee (SCIC)


The goal of the SCIC is to implement strategic clinical initiatives in close association with Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, Primary Care Networks and other key stakeholders. The Department of Medicine’s initial strategic planning areas now under the umbrella of the SCIC includes the report recommendations from: Ambulatory Care, Triage System, and QA/QI. For more detailed information on the SCIC, please visit the DoM Governance Structure page.

Planning Phase - COMPLETE

Implementation Milestone Status

Recommendations Currently Being Implemented % Complete
1.  Engage AHS and Other Stakeholders to Contribute to the Triage Process - Triage System 10%
2.  Governance, Leadership and Accountability - QA QI 65%
3.  QI Portfolio for Project Management - QA QI 80%
4.  Career Development - QA QI 30%
5.  Reward, Recognition and Awareness - QA QI 25%

Additional Recommendations for Future Implementation
6.  Streamlined Process to Access Urgent Care Patients - Ambulatory Care
7.  Central Clearing House/Repository for Clinics/Specialty Referral Processes/Forms - Ambulatory Care
8.  After Hours Access - Ambulatory Care
9.  Define Clinical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Chronic Care Management - Ambulatory Care
10. Use of Allied Health Personnel, Multidisciplinary Clinics - Ambulatory Care
11. Streamlined Process for Post-Discharge Follow-Up - Ambulatory Care
12. Increase use of Virtual Clinics/Telehealth - Ambulatory Care
13. Streamlined Process for Transition for Pediatrics - Ambulatory Care
14. Ensure Priorities are Aligned with Stakeholders - Triage System
15. Develop the Triage System and Associated Conditions, Criteria and Processes - Triage System
16. Ensure Central Coordination/Clearinghouse of Triage - Triage System
17. Centralized Infrastructure & Infostructure - QA QI
18. Measurement for Improvement - QA QI
19.  Competency Based QA-QI Curriculum - QA QI
20. Liaison and Coordination - QA QI
21. Leveraging Synergies - QA QI