Department of Oncology

Meet our Students

Barta, Radim

MSc Student (Supervisors: Dr. Nicola DeZanche and Dr. Gino Fallone)


Design and Development of RF-coils for Linac-MR Hybrids


Brown, Douglas

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. John Lewis)


Suicide gene therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer

Bukhari, Amirali

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Armin Gamper)


Investigating Synthetic Lethal Interactions in DNA Damage Signaling for Breast Cancer Therapy: A Preclinical Study

Chen, Huachen

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Yangxin Fu)


Transcription factor ZIC2 regulates tumorigenic phenotype in epithelial ovarian cancer.

Choi, Won Shik (Daniel)

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Roseline Godbout)


Overcoming the retinoic acid resistance in HER2-enriched breast cancer: the role of MYC

Chow, Braden

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Geetha Menon)


Biological impact of variable intracavitary brachytherapy dose, dose rate, and fractionation schemes on tumour and normal tissue response in cervix cancer

Crosley, Powel

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Mary Hitt)


Combining a novel TRAIL-expressing oncolytic virus with a Caspase-3 activator for treatment of cancer



Dietz, Bryson Eric

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Keith Wachowicz)


Real-time MRI for adaptive radiotherapy


Dinakaran, Deepak

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Ron Moore)


Effect of Tumor Hypoxia on Novel Nanotheranostic X-Ray Activated Photodynamic Therapy nanoparticles on Deep Seated Tumors.

Dobberthien, Brennen

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Atiyah Yahya)


Spectral Editing at 9.4 T for Detection of Metabolites Relevant to Cancer


Dutta, Indrani

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne Marie Postovit)


Can Gamma Delta T cells Target Breast Cancer Stem Cells?



Fallone, Clara

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Atiyah Yahya)


Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to quantify fat composition


Ferguson, Denis

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Terry Riauka)


Production and PET imaging of radioscandium


Hamedi, Bahareh

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne Marie Postovit)


PARP inhibitors’ effect on the expression of Homologous Recombination DNA Damage Response Genes in BRCA-mutant vs Wild-type ovarian cancer stem cells.


Han, Gawon

MSc Student (Supervisors: Dr. Matthew Larocque and Dr. Geetha Menon)


Dose optimization in ocular plaque brachytherapy.


Hough, Cameron

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Brad Warkentin)


Biological Effects of Terahertz Radiation.


Jiang, Bingcheng

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Weinfeld)


Study on a novel mutation in polynucleotide kinase/phosphatase (PNKP).


Kate, Wisdom Deebeke
MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Weinfeld)

DNA damage and repair, and cell death and survival


Krys, Daniel

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Frank Wuest)


Hypoxia-Induced Regulation of Membrane Transporters in Breast Cancer.


Lee, Laura JiYoung

MD/PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne Marie Postovit)


Hypoxia as an epigenetic modulator of cancer cell plasticity.


Lewis, Cody

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Chan)




Linares Cruz, Abbie

MSc Student (Supervisor:  Dr. Gordon Chan)


Cell cycle control and chromosome segregation during mitosis.


Litchfield, Marcus

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Frank Wuest)


Visualization of inflammatory proteins involved in Cancer.


Locke, Andrew

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Ismail Ismail)


Regulation of Double-Strand Break Repair.


Menghisteab, Isaac

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Kristi Baker)


Colorectal cancer

    Mosely, Shayla

MSc Student (Supervisor:  Dr. Kristi Baker)


Cytosolic DNA from DNA damage and its effects on intracellular signaling in colorectal cancer.

Mowat, Courtney

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Kristi Baker)


The Influence of genetic instability on the mucosal immune system in colorectal cancer.


Muzaffar, Fateema

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Vickie Baracos)





Purchase, Aaron

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Boguslaw Tomanek)




Rafique, Tanzeem

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Ismail Ismail)






Raman, Sindhuja

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Piyush Kumar)


Evaluation of bioreductively-activated Tirapazamine (TPZ) prodrugs for the management of hypoxic solid tumours.


Rashed, Faisal Bin

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Piyush Kumar)


Evaluation of hypoxic radiosensitization potential of 2-nitroimidazole radiotracers.


Rudzinski, Jan

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. John Lewis)




Smith, Joanne

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Chan)


Targeting DNA damage response in Multiple Myeloma.


Storozynsky, Quinn

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Mary Hitt)


Combining an Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus with Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Treatment of Malignant Glioma.


Sun, Hongwei

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Sharp)


Low-cost MRI


Swan, Amanda

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Joel St. Aubin)


Dose Calculation Acceleration Methods for the First Order Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation with Magnetic Fields.


Vo, TheMinh (Kevin)

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Roseline Godbout)


Establishing and targeting the calpain-NFI signaling axis in malignant glioma.


Wang, Yixiong (Jack)

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Roseline Godbout)


Understanding the role of DEAD box 1 protein in splicing.


Woodfield (Way), Jenilee

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Frank Wuest)


Molecular imaging of triple-negative breast cancer through targeting hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha, Area: Molecular Imagingusing PET.


Wright, Mark

MSc Student


Medical Physics


Wu, Min Hsuan (Michelle)

MSc Student (Supervisor: Dr. Armin Gamper)


The regulation of transcriptional factors Sox2 and KLF4 via DNA damage and hypoxia.


Xu, Xia

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Roseline Godbout)


Role of brain fatty acids binding protein and its ligands in glioblastoma.


Yang, Ray

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Joel St. Aubin)


Developing mathematical frameworks and a GPU Accelerated Code for deterministic dose calculation in MRI-Guided Radiotherapy.


Zhou, Jiesi

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Yangxin Fu)


Ribosomal RNA cytosine methyltransferase NSUN5 in translational control in glioblastoma.


Ziegler, Kirby

PhD Student (Supervisor: Dr. Alan Underhill)


Defining PAX3target gene networks and their dysregulation in birth defects and cancer.


Kirby Ziegler