Scope of Practice

Oncology encompasses one of the fastest growing knowledge bases within subspecialty medicine, both reflecting and paralleling the expanding and diversifying career opportunities within the traditional subspecialties of oncology. The ACB's annual reports which record statistics on the increasing incidence of cancer attest to the continually increasing demand for highly trained, specialist oncologists. At the same time, the rapidly expanding knowledge base of clinical and basic science research in the field of oncology translates into an ever-increasing demand for oncology practitioners with more highly specialized knowledge and expertise.
While primarily trained as clinicians, residents also gain a solid understanding of the principles of research and evidence-based medicine which provides a spring-board into diverse and expanding career choices in:
  • Clinical trials research
  • Laboratory based research (or a collaboration between the two)
  • Medical education
  • Administration

Public Health Policy

Community Based Practice

Health Care Industry

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry 
There is a tremendous scope within the subspecialty of medical oncology to tailor one's individual career to reflect the personal developing interests within and across these broad categories. Our training program offers substantial elective time and resources both at the Cross Cancer Institute and other approved institutions of the resident's choice, along with fellowship programs that overlap and extend beyond the two year, basic medical oncology residency training program.