Department of Oncology

Palliative Care

The Division of Palliative Care Medicine offers a one-year Program of Enhanced Skills in Palliative Care Medicine, accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. The program is open to physicians who have completed requirements for certification. Clinical experiences include a tertiary-level palliative care unit, consultation services in the home, hospices, and acute care hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Residents also participate in interdisciplinary seminars and rounds, and undertake a scholarly project. For the academic year of July 2018/19, interested individuals are asked to have their applications in (preferably, electronically) by 6th October 2017.  Applicants will then be informed of their acceptance status aligning with other Enhanced Skills programs across the country; interview dates between the 20th October – 20th November; offer date of 7th December; and acceptance date on the 15th December.  After first round of applicant acceptances, further applicants will be considered based on available positions.


For more information, please contact:


Dr. Sarah Burton MacLeod

Palliative Medicine Residency Program Director

416 Health Services Center

1090 Youville Drive West

Edmonton, Alberta T6L 0A3