Department of Oncology

Experimental Oncology

Undergraduate Courses/Research Opportunities

Introduction to Oncology (ONCOL 320)  

Oncology 320 is a three unit lecture course offered every Fall semester at University of Alberta through the Department of Oncology. This course provides an introduction to oncology with an emphasis on the molecular and cellular biology of cancer. Specific topics include the genetic basis of cancer, the control of cell proliferation, metastasis, tumour immunology, angiogenesis, cancer detection and cancer therapies. Prerequisites: CELL 201 or BIOL 201.


Advanced Topics in Cancer Research (ONCOL 425)

This course is offered in the winter term, with one set of four modules offered in even-numbered years, and a different set of four modules offered in odd-numbered years.  Each module is comprised of 6 sessions of 80 minutes each and will be taught independently by individual instructors.  Modules will have both lecture and group discussion components.  Prerequisite: ONCOL 320 or consent of the Department. 



Honors Research Projects 

The Department of Oncology currently has no independent program for undergraduates. However, an undergraduate can carry out a 498 or 499 research project co-supervised by an Oncology faculty member, provided the primary supervisor is a faculty member in a University of Alberta undergraduate program (e.g., Biological Sciences). Interested students should contact potential supervisors before registering for the 498 or 499 course. 


Summer Student Program 

The Department of Oncology offers summer employment opportunities to registered undergraduate students or students who have completed their undergraduate program and have applied to graduate or medical school. These summer positions are not limited to University of Alberta students. Preference is generally given to students eligible for external funding.  Interested students should contact potential supervisors at least 6 months prior to the summer term. Students accepted into the program present their accomplishments in a departmental seminar series during the last month of their research. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Research Day Poster session in early autumn.