The Facility is operated on a cost recovery basis. Users are charged according to the fee structure below that has been approved by the Multi-User Facilities Committee (MFC).  Effective April 2013, the fees are as follows:

Cancer Research Users*:


User operates





Digital Microscopes

User operates






Long-term timelapse


Laser microdissection system

User operates









Funding Level ***

Cap level 2012

<50 K















**Cap will be graded based on laboratory funding as of April of each year


*Cancer researcher users as defined by:


  1. A lab/project or a trainee directly funded by a cancer funding agency or a cancer charity organization.

  2. A project that is directly relevant to cancer.

  3. A lab that has published in a cancer journal in the last 3 years.


The lab is encouraged to contact Dr. Sun (xjsun@ualberta.ca) with a brief description addressing the above criteria. In some cases, the CCI IMC committee may review the requests and decide whether the cancer research fee should apply to the lab.


** Cap applies only to onsite users.

*** Funding level is based on the total annual value of operating grants, studentships and fellowships received by the lab excluding equipment or multi-user grants as of April of each fiscal year.


Non Cancer Research Users:


User operates





Digital Microscopes

User operates






Long-term timelapse


PALM system

User operates






Computer/software usage (Only applicable to offsite users who do not use the facility instruments):





Transmission Electro Microscope (related charges)


TEM beam charge (user operated)


TEM beam charge (assisted)


TEM sample preparation


Ultra microtome (with glass or user supplied diamond knife)


High pressure freezing

$100/run (+$10/sample)

Freeze substitution


Cryo microtome


Immunogold staining


Cryo ImmunoEM


Thin sectioning


Thick sectioning



Industry usage


Confocal/2-photon/TEM, user operated


Confocal/2-photon/TEM, assisted use


Computer/software usage – (Only applies for users who do not use the facility instruments)





Technologist hourly charge

Cancer Research User:


Non Cancer Research User:


Or lump sum amount subject to approval by the Facility manager.


This fee is for performing small research projects by the Technologist using specialized equipment in the Facility (e.g. Micro-injection, image processing, etc.). It is subject to availability of the Technologist's time.

Note: 1) Bill will be sent monthly. 2) All users must undergo at least one training session before operating instrument independently.


Policy regarding collaboration of offsite users with Department of Oncology researchers:  In the situation where an offsite user is carrying out an experiment for an onsite user, a written notice must be given to Dr. Sun prior to the start of the experiment. Otherwise, both the onsite and offsite user are responsible for the charge if any disagreement arises. Likewise, it is the collaborators’ responsibility to divide the charge for their bill.  In the written notice, the following information must be specified:  

  1. A brief description of the project.
  2. Explicit description for how the charges will be divided between labs.
  3. Amount of confocal time needed for the project.
  4. Starting and ending dates of the project.
  5. The name(s) of the person(s) who will be using the confocal microscope.
  6. Signatures of both onsite and offsite collaborators.