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Useful Links:
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Light Microscopy:
These links provide information from general to advanced light microscopy.  Some links contain good Java tutorials about optics, fluorescence and confocal/multi-photon microscopy.
Very comprehensive site for light Microscopy.
Zeiss Campus contains useful information on advanced optics/applications (spinning disk confocal and comparison with Laser scanning confocal, colocalization, spectral imaging, etc.).
In particular a Nyquist calculator page for optimizing sampling rate BEFORE acquiring image for deconvolution
Microscopy Listserves:
Microscopy (more EM inclined):
Image Acquisition/Processing Software:
Microscopy supplies:
Glass bottom culture dish/plate for live cell imaging.
Nunc chambered slides carried by Fisher Scientific, VWR, etc.
Grace Lab for silicon based gasket/spacers for microscopy imaging
TEM lab supplies: