Cardiac Surgery

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

Our mission is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disorders by providing a full spectrum of prevention and treatment. The Division is dedicated to excellence in training in Adult and Congenital Cardiac Surgery. In collaboration with other cardiac care services, the Division of Cardiac Surgery provides a comprehensive and solid foundation for cardiac surgery training and research. The Division of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Alberta has a long history of training academic surgeons by high volume exposure to a continuum of state of the art cardiac care services.

The Division of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute provides clinical services for the residents of Alberta and select innovative procedures for residents all across Canada. These services include procedures for coronary artery disease, valvular abnormalities, arrhythmias, congenital heart disease, heart and lung transplantation, and mechanical circulatory support. The Division of Cardiac Surgery has developed expertise in specialized fields including reconstructive surgery of the Mitral valve, surgical ablation of Atrila fibrillation, complex Aortic root reconstruction including the Ross procedure, and surgery of the Thoracic aorta.

The University of Alberta has one of the largest Canadian centres for congenital cardiac surgery and cardiothoracic organ transplantation.


The Division of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Alberta has experienced a number of milestones that are considered Canadian firsts:
  • first successful open-heart surgery in Canada (1956)
  • first "blue baby" operation to repair cross-circulation problems in the heart of an 18 month old in Canada (1956)
  • first open-heart surgery to correct a complex form of tetralogy of Fallot in Canada (1957)
  • first successful mitral prosthesis implant in Canada (1962)
  • first successful heart transplantation in Western Canada (1986)
  • first long-term successful living donor lung transplant in Canada (2001)
  • first human gene therapy program in Canada to grow new blood vessels in people with heart disease (2002)


Members of the Division of Cardiac Surgery are active in many areas of basic, medical and clinical research. Our surgeons also hold numerous peer-reviewed grants and projects funded by industry.