Residency Program

Orthopedic Surgery Program at the University of Alberta:

The Orthopaedic Surgery Program at the University of Alberta is a five year program designed to develop a well-rounded Orthopaedic Surgeon who, upon completion, can pursue either a community based Orthopaedic practice or follow up with a sub-specialty practice after further fellowship training. 

Program at a Glance:

 PGY 1 Year– Surgical Foundations

3 Blocks of Orthopaedic Surgery

1 Block of Orthopaedic Pediatrics

2 Blocks of Orthopedics at the RAH

2 Block of General Surgery

1 Block of Internal Medicine

1 Block of Vascular Surgery

1 Block of Emergency Medicine

1 Block of Coronary Care

1 Block of Vacation (taken as one block)

PGY 2 Year

4 Blocks of Arthroplasty Surgery

3 Blocks of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery

2 Blocks Orthopaedic Rural Rotation

2 Blocks ICU

1 Block Orthopaedic Surgery at the MIS

1 Block Plastic Surgery


PGY 3 Year

3 Blocks of Foot and Ankle Surgery

3 Blocks of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

3 Blocks of Spine Surgery

3 Blocks of Upper Extremity Surgery

1 Block of Hand Elective


PGY 4 Year

A 16 week elective is available in the PGY 4 year which can be spent in other centers approved by the Royal College.


3 Blocks of Sports Medicine

3 Blocks of Tumor & Reconstruction

4 Blocks of Electives

3 Blocks as Chief Resident


PGY 5 Year

Chief residents are involved in the supervision of the Orthopaedic service as well as organizing rounds and academic sessions. Exam preparation sessions are held for all final year residents.


3 Blocks Chief UAH site

3 Blocks Chief RAH site

3 Blocks Pediatric Chief UAH

3 Blocks Ambulatory Care


Other Academic Activities:

There is a weekly, preceptor led academic half day program which is repeated every two years.  Half Day curriculum includes sessions in the areas of Trauma, Pediatrics, Basic Science and Cold Orthopaedics. 

Our PGY 1 and 2 Residents participate in Orthopaedic Boot Camp as well as sessions in casting, spine halo and sawbones sessions.  Annually, all residents participate in summer anatomy sessions in a cadaver lab.

The Benefits of Our Program:

  • The Program has a 2:1 Faculty to Resident Ratio
  • The Program services a large catchment area with a population of 1.5 Million which creates excellent opportunity for surgical and clinical experiences
  • The Division has a robust research program which residents participate in throughout their residency
  • The Program and Division financially supports the residents through the funding of six Specialty Courses

For Additional information on the Surgical Education Process at the U of A, please see the Office of Surgical Education Webpage.

For more detailed information on the Selection Process, please review the program page on the CaRMS website.

Angie Scharfenberger, M.D.
Program Director
2D2.04 Walter Mackenzie Centre
University of Alberta Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7
Phone: (780) 407-6042
Fax: (780) 407-3283