SMART Network: Intelligent solutions to extend body movement

    From bionic underwear to first-in-Canada robotic rehabilitation technology, the SMART Network develops groundbreaking solutions to improve quality of life for people with neural injuries and diseases.

    November 1, 2017

    Unique prosthetic limbs that allow the user to “feel” the different ranges and intensities of movement and grip. Smart wearable technology to prevent blood clots and pressure ulcers. Virtual reality environments to study the changes of body movements when using a wheelchair in different locations.

    What once seemed like technology coming out of a science-fiction futuristic lab is a reality today thanks to the SMART Network.

    Medicine, rehabilitation, computing science and engineering come together as a network of more than 90 UAlberta researchers determined to change the life of people with amputations and neural injuries.

    Led by Vivian Mushahwar, the Sensory Motor Adaptive Rehabilitation Technology (SMART) Network Innovation Centre is home to neural interfaces, functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapeutical approaches and state-of-the-art devices on campus since January, 2017. The group works within specialized Cores of device development and biological testing; sensorimotor integration and machine learning; rehabilitation innovations and virtual reality.


    Smart-e-pants ulcer prevention underwear