Precision Health

Precision health is the future of patient care. With the strategic use of data and the careful study of the different factors affecting an individual’s health such as genetics and the environment, precision health provides us with a better understanding of each individual patient’s unique health conditions. Precision health is poised to alter how a whole range of health challenges are diagnosed, treated and prevented.

At the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, we are delivering on precision health projects that will help predict and prevent diseases, complete more accurate diagnoses and provide targeted care for each patient’s circumstances and lifestyle. 


Here are some examples of UAlberta-led innovative demonstration projects that are part of Alberta's provincial precision health initiative:

Precision health at UAlberta


Better point-of-care testing in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Precision health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease care

Comparing data to save lives: Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP) and the Alberta Cancer and Research Biobank (ACRB)

Understanding patient frailty for better medical interventions

Molecular testing in breast cancer

Precision approach to detection and treatment of ovarian cancer

Early diagnosis and treatment of brain injury in youth

A guide to mental health diagnoses from the heart of a tweet