Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Centre

2019 Publications

  1. Halloran KM, Parkes MD, Chang J, Timofte IL, Snell GI, Westall GP, Hachem R, Kreisel D, Trulock E, Roux A, Juvet S, Keshavjee S, Jaksch P, Klepetko W and Halloran PF. Molecular Assessment of Rejection and Injury in Lung Transplant Biopsies. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2019;38(5):504-513.
  2. Parkes MD, Aliabadi AZ, Cadeiras M, Crespo-Leiro MG, Deng M, Depasquale EC, Goekler J, Kim DH, Kobashigawa J, Loupy A, Macdonald P, Potena L, Zuckermann A and Halloran PF. An integrated molecular diagnostic report for heart transplant biopsies using an ensemble of diagnostic algorithms. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2019;38(6):636-646.
  3. Halloran PF, Matas A, Kasiske BL, Madill-Thomsen K, Mackova M, and Famulski KS. Molecular phenotype of kidney transplant indication biopsies with inflammation in scarred areas. Am J Transplant 2019;19(5):1356-1370.
  4. Reeve J, Bohmig GA, Eskandary F, Einecke G, Madill-Thomsen K, Mackova M, Halloran PF and the MMDx-Kidney Study Group. Generating automated kidney transplant biopsy reports combining molecular measurements with ensembles of machine learning classifiers. Am J Transplant 2019;19(10):2719-2731.
  5. Bohmig GA, Eskandary F, Doberer K and Halloran PF. The therapeutic challenge of late antibody-mediated kidney allograft rejection. Transplant International 2019;32(8):775-788.
  6. Bohmig GA, Mezo B, Heilos A, Eskandary F, Wahrmann M, Bond G, et al. Complement Markers in Blood and Urine: No Diagnostic Value in Late Silent Antibody-Mediated Rejection. Transplantation Direct 2019;5(7):e470.