Resident Rotation

Physicians and dentists who are enrolled in postgraduate training in any specialty are welcome to spend elective time in our clinic.

Educational or full registration from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta is a pre-requisite. Visitors must participate in all workings of the cliinic during their stay. We do not offer observerships.

A written application must be made by the applicant's Program Director and include a specific statement of what the resident is required to achieve while with us. The objectives for the pain rotation for core anesthesia residents can be modified for attendees from other programs. A one-month rotation is typical, but other arrangements can be made.

Residents from other programs within the University of Alberta must be released from all other clinical commitments by their host program for the duration of the rotation.

More Information

How to Apply

Interested residents should first contact Kay Kovithavongs in the Residency Program Office.