Michael Overduin

Executive Director, National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (NANUC)

20 September 2018

Michael Overduin is leading an international consortia using superconducting magnets at the NANUC to find protein signals that mark the difference between cancer and non-cancer cells.

He's also using a new robot housed at NANUC called a "Sample Jet," the first system of its kind in Canada, that enables researchers to dig into disease and drug design by screening the interactions of thousands of drug-like molecules with the greatest sensitivity, resolution and speed.

It all sounds complicated but thanks to Overduin's passion for making his work more understandable for community members, the public had the chance to see the Sample Jet robot, up-close and in-person through a lab tour hosted by CureCancer, part of the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta.

Spearheaded by Overduin, CureCancer is a network of scientists, trainees and collaborators aiming to bridge the work of researchers at the University of Alberta with the community it ultimately will impact.

"Better outreach into the public is necessary to empower, fund and strengthen the impact of cancer research. I really do see the public as our primary partner in innovation," said Overduin.