Fresh Faces || Getting to know the new arrivals in MD and DDS

Meet some of the new students in the medicine and dentistry programs this fall.

FoMD News Team - 11 September 2018

A new school year has started at the University of Alberta and hundreds of students filled the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's hallways during Orientation Week. Get to know some of the newest learners from the Class of 2022.

Arjun Lotey

DDS program, Class of 2022

Why did you choose dentistry?

I have a lot of family in dentistry. Both of my older brothers are in dentistry so I've looked up to them my whole life; my uncle is also a dentist, and so is my cousin, so they all influenced me and I want to follow in their footsteps.

Plus, I love the lifestyle. It's a great job and it still leaves time for family life, which is one thing that I took into consideration.

Why did you choose the U of A?

The U of A is home to me. I was born and raised in North Edmonton, and it's nice to stay home and be close to family and live at home for now, to save a bit of money.

What are you most excited about?

Meeting new people. Undergrad was a little bit different, because you have classes where you see different people and you have friends here and there, but you don't really know many people in your classes. I think we have around 32 people in our class, and I'm looking forward to working with a tighter knit group of people and getting to know me future colleagues. And I'm excited to work with my hands and start learning.

Susan Muncner
MD program, Class of 2022

Why do you want to be a doctor?

Both my parents are physicians, and growing up I watched them come home every night to a really fulfilling career. It was both challenging and meaningful and they made a difference in their patients' lives every day. They were always learning, going to conferences and using that knowledge to improve their practice.

Seeing them do that, I thought it was a good match for me. I can see myself as a lifelong learner too and making a difference in people's lives.

Why did you choose the U of A?

Edmonton is home to me, so of course I'm happy to go here. Also, it's a very established program with over 100 years of history. I was accepted at Calgary as well, but for those reasons, I couldn't pass up the U of A. Also, the four-year program will give me more time to explore my interests and see what fits best for me.

What are you most excited about?

I'm really interested in learning more about global health initiatives and exploring that aspect of medicine a bit more.

Ana Khehra
DDS Program
, Class of 2022

Why do you want to be a dentist?

I want to be a dentist because I have always been interested in science and I really want to help people in my community.

My dad was involved in veterinary science and I used to watch him caring for his patients and clients. I really want the interaction with the community that comes with working in science.

Why did you choose the U of A?

I live very close to campus and I completed my undergraduate program here. To me, the U of A is like a home.

What are you excited about?

I'm very excited about meeting my class, having the opportunity to start my classes and get to meet the entire faculty.

I am definitely nervous because it's the first year! But I am very excited to see everyone.