Academic Technologies

FoMD Strategic Plan Alignment

Academic Technologies directly contributes to all areas of the Faculty’s Strategic plan: Education, Partnerships, People, Research, Innovation, Funding, and Governance.

The focus area of “Improving learning opportunities” is core to all of our activities including scholarship, projects, consultation and operational systems support. Examples of such activities are described in the Project Showcase section of this report.

Forming partnerships, collaborations, and networks is one of our fundamental strategies to increase our capacity, and the capacity of others. This year we worked with members of the Department of Art & Design, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, among others.

We support faculty, students and staff in teaching and research through workshops, presentations, projects and consulting. We work with individuals and groups to increase their skills and capacity. We routinely involve learners on project teams to offer work-based learning opportunities.


Academic Technologies acts as an incubator and leader for educational innovation within the Faculty. We create conditions for innovation through individual project support, capacity building, and the support of emerging practices.

Our central position within the Faculty, enables us to work on varied projects that bring together collaborators from FoMD and the University to engage educational research and scholarship.

Academic Technologies aligns itself with Faculty and University governance processes. We report regularly through the Director of Academic Technologies to the Vice Dean Education. We publish quaterly reports and a public annual report.