Academic Technologies

Our Team

Clarence Wong, Director

ITEC, FLC, IMSC-Education Chair
Clarence is an Associate Professor within the Division of Gastroenterology, and the Attending Staff gastroenterologist at
the Royal Alexandra (RAH) and University of Alberta Hospitals. In addition to having served as a course coordinator of the
undergraduate gastroenterology and nutrition block, Clarence has received multiple regional and national teaching awards for
excellence in teaching students and residents.

Mark Karstad, Manager
At the core of his skill-set, Mark is a professional educator. Forover 19 years, he has been a leader in: teaching, content
development, and management within a variety of educational settings. Recently, Mark has focused on capacity building, by
leading and implementing a number of core eLearning systems within FoMD. Within the faculty and across the University of
Alberta, Mark provides leadership for senior administrators on direction, strategy, purpose and use of educational technology
in academic environments.

Patrick von Hauff, Academic Technology Specialist
Patrick is a designer with experience teaching in adult education. Before joining Academic Technologies, Patrick was a
sessional instructor in the Department of Art & Design at the U of A, where he taught design methods and research in product
design. Patrick is interested in how the application of design methods and knowledge from the fields of interaction,
information, and service design can enhance traditional approaches to instructional and learning design to improve
teaching and learning experiences. 

Michael Cenkner, Academic Technology Specialist
Michael has extensive background in materials and course development at the post-secondary level. Michael's
professional interests include: competencies in educational technology, applications and best practices in the creation and
use of instructional video, and design considerations for effective communication and presentation of information in
medical and dental education materials. 


Organizational Collaborators

We greatly value the opportunity to work with individuals across the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the University, and the
larger community. By working together, we seek to:

  • Increase capacity
  • Share knowledge, expertise, and perspectives
  • Promote efficient use of resources
  • Discover common interests and needs
  • Build consensus around best practices
  • Provide opportunities for learners
  • Sponsor innovation through new perspectives

Our work in 2015/16 benefitted greatly from the efforts of a widenumber of other groups within the faculty and University, as
well as the larger community. We wish to thank our colleagues from the following groups for their collegiality and collaboration
without which our work would not have been possible.

  • Technologies in Education (Faculty of Education)
  • Department of Art & Design
  • The Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • MedIT
  • Information Services and Technology (IST)
  • Department of Computing Science
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Health Research Council
  • Alberta Health Services